This new Granger Smith parody may be his best yet Facebook/Granger Smith
Facebook/Granger Smith

We love a good parody video, but when they come from the artists themselves, poking fun at their own songs, they’re even better.

Behold, Granger Smith, a Texas hit-maker who is absolutely not afraid to parody himself.

Those of you already familiar with Granger’s professional alter ego, ?Earl Dibbles Jr.,? know exactly what we?re talking about!

But this, friends, is on a whole new level.

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Granger recently posted the most hilarious parody we?ve seen in a long time for his latest smash, ?Happens Like That.? It’s a cheeky little tune called ?I Happen To Like Cats.?

We could explain more, but you really just need to see it …

We really did peg him as more of a dog person.

But when he meows at the end, good grief, it?s too good!

Granger has long had a dang fine sense of humor, especially when it comes to music. We mentioned his other persona, ?Earl Dibbles Jr.,? but if you aren?t familiar, allow us to offer an introduction …

Now we?ll all be hollerin? ?Yee Yee? for the rest of the day.

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Granger?s latest album, ?When The Good Guys Win,? features ?Happens Like That? and a special appearance by Earl Dibbles Jr. on the track ?Don?t Tread On Me.?

One more time for the back row: ?Yee Yee!?

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