People are still in hysterics over this viral video of a country crooner and his wife Facebook/Coffey Anderson
Facebook/Coffey Anderson

On August 4, country star Coffey Anderson posted what he thought was a funny video of him and his wife on his Facebook page. The video showed the two in bed together with their baby, as Coffey caught his wife in a word puzzle in which she had a bunch of trouble pronouncing the easiest of words.

The moment made him laugh.

But little did he know that the video would make nearly 33 million other people laugh as well.

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Indeed, that’s what has happened during the past month as the video has continued to go viral and marks yet another occasion in which Coffey has found viral success with one of his posts. Country fans may recall that Coffey also put out a video back in 2016 that touched on a much more serious topic – police brutality. It demonstrated to people of color what Coffey felt they should do if they were ever pulled over by police.

“A lot of them felt, ‘Why do I have to have a blueprint as a person of color when I get pulled over?’ If [the cop] is uncomfortable, that’s his problem,” Coffey said in an interview with the Star-Telegram last year, explaining his video. “Confrontation doesn’t bother me. I’ve done ministry, sung in churches and witnessed in college. So being able to listen to people without the same opinion as me doesn’t offend me … I welcome that conversation.”

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He not only welcomes conversation but clearly laughter as well — based on his latest viral clip — and at a time when the country needs it the most.

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