Only Toby Keith could make bad golfing look this hilarious in new music video YouTube/TobyKeithVEVO

Toby Keith is no stranger to showing off his great sense of humor in his music videos. He has now proven that again with his newest clip for the song, ?Sh**** Golfer.?

The struggle is real for the folks in Toby?s clip, who sport the entire golf get-up of plaid shirts, visors, cargo shorts and custom-made drivers.

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Despite looking the part, these wannabe golfers have a hard time connecting with the ball. They get so frustrated out on the fairway that they toss their clubs out into the lake or the mud, and resort to making sand castles. Meanwhile, other folks turn their focus to having a party in their golf cart.

If the video isn?t enough to get you laughing, the lyrics are just as comical, as Toby tells stories of shooting a score of 83 at Sawgrass Country Club, and shares his previous snafus with the golf ball.

?Man, I hit ?em fast and I hit ?em thin / I roll ?em in the bunkers man, I hit ?em again / Slice ?em in the bushes, crank ?em in a creek / I popped that sucker up and hooked it out in the street,? he lightheartedly sings.

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Contrary the subject matter of the song, Toby is actually an avid golfer. And, he is quite good! In fact, he carries roughly a 13.0 handicap index, according to Golf Digest. He also plays the sport almost every day on his own personal golf course near his Oklahoma home.

?Sh**** Golfer? is a track from Toby?s new album, ?The Bus Songs,? which was released on Sept. 8. Check out his hilarious music video above!

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