Lee Ann Womack releases an angst-filled video for her newest single, “All The Trouble”  YouTube/LeeAnnWomackVEVO

Most people would agree that country music has taken a definitive left turn from the great fiddle and steel-laden tunes of the early days. Even though themes may have evolved in the ’80s and ’90s, there was still something decidedly traditional in the arrangements, voices and production. But as wicky-wicky guitars, drum loops and canned claps, snaps, and taps have become a mainstay in country music more recently, those traditionalists have seemingly been lost in the shuffle.

Or not.

At least not as far as Lee Ann Womack is concerned.

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In late 2017, Lee Ann released her ninth studio album, “The Lonesome, the Lonely & the Gone,” and in it she tapped deeply—but ever-so-naturally—into her Texas roots, and the results are deep-fried country. From the lyrics to the themes, and, yes, even to the fiddle and steel, the album harkens back to a time of front porch sitting and guitar passing, where songs were stories and the stories didn’t always end happily ever after.

With the release of the new album, Lee Ann also put out the first single from the project, “All The Trouble,” and we were immediately reminded that regardless of the tender tone of her voice, she remains one of the most versatile, dynamic and occasionally aggressive singers in country music. Sounding as much like a religious spiritual as a country song, the tune carries the message of a soul worn down by the challenges of life.

And now, with a brand-new video to accompany the tune, we see how dark “All The Trouble” truly is.

Filled with angst and brown liquor, Lee Ann sits alone in a house with impending doom around every corner. With every vignette the viewer expects tragedy to follow, but our video heroine is stronger than that, and when she sings, “I’ve got all the trouble I’m ever gonna need and I just don’t want no more,” it’s less about resigning to an overpowering fate and more about a strong woman planting her stiletto in defiant resistance.

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On a purely visual level, Lee Ann seems to have found country music’s fountain of youth. In fact, she may even be reversing the clock. For the video, her long golden curls frame bright blue eyes and bounce around her shoulders like a pissed off Texas pageant queen as she shakes her head, raises her hands and strides into the wind.

And in spite of the obvious anguish in her voice and in the lyrics, we selfishly just want more.

Yeah, all the glorious goodness that is Lee Ann Womack hasn’t gone anywhere, but she is going everywhere this year, so you can hear that blessed voice live at one of her many concerts. Lee Ann is already into her 2018 tour dates, but she has plenty more on the books. Currently, her schedule is stretching all the way into May, and many are with the talented Charlie Worsham.

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