A beautiful girl lets a sexy Kip Moore down in new video YouTube screenshot/KipMooreVEVO
YouTube screenshot/KipMooreVEVO

If there’s one thing that doesn’t sit well with Kip Moore, it’s inauthentic people. He’s making that beef plain in his new video for “Blonde.”

The clip plays out the story in the lyrics of a girl who’s moved away from her hometown and forgotten all about the folks she knew in her younger days. You see her starting off as a brunette with dreams of making it big. Kip serves as the narrator, calling her out for forsaking her roots as she becomes famous.

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These days, you don’t have to star in a movie or record a hit song to become famous. You can just start shooting for fame on social media, and that doesn’t sit well with Kip.

He tells “Noisey,” “Every girl now is trying to start an Instagram page by showing how amazing their ass is. You’ll sell your soul for whatever it takes to be famous nowadays.”

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It’s just the kind of thing Kip isn’t going to give in to as he continues his music career.

He adds, “I’m never going to be one of those artists that’s trying to stay relevant with a super-young pop-culture centered audience. That’s what we’re pushed to do. That’s what’s been shoved down my throat over and over. I see it all the time with artists trying to hold onto that. I refuse to fucking do that. I’m going to grow as my music grows. I’m going to grow as a human being.”

“Blonde” is included on Kip Moore’s new album, “Slowheart,” due out September 8.

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