Kelly Clarkson’s lullaby to Hoda Kotb’s daughter is absolutely gorgeous Twitter/@KLGandHoda

There has always been a certain bond among women, no matter their age, or their title or their race. It?s a silent bond that speaks loudly of what it takes to be a woman, a mom and a daughter. It?s a bond that connects us at the peaks of our happiness and the depths of our disappointments.

It?s this bond that recently created yet another masterpiece, uniting the undeniable talents of NBC’s “Today” show co-host Hoda Kotb and musician extraordinaire Kelly Clarkson. Currently celebrating the release of her new children?s book ?I?ve Loved You Since Forever,? Hoda came to Kelly to see if the young star could possibly put music to the words she wrote in tribute to her one year old daughter, Haley Joy.

“Wouldn’t that be cool if someone could sing the book?” Hoda said on “Today” March 8, reflecting on the moment where she thought that her project could become much more than a story.

Kelly rose to the challenge, and she did it beautifully.

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?There is one person I know who has a voice that is in a class by itself,” Hoda added about why she chose to work with Kelly.

In the song, which premiered on the “Today” show on March 8, Kelly has, in fact, turned the words of the book into a gorgeous lullaby, one that there is now even a music video for.

Also on the March 8 episode, Hoda took fans behind-the-scenes at Atlantic Records on the day Kelly recorded the tune. Eventually, Hoda even found a way to play a further part in the song, shaking a little rattle in time to the song. And yes, eventually there were also many tears.

“I made it more like a lullaby, like James Taylor, like there’s kind of some Patty Griffin in it,” Kelly told Hoda. “I hope we do it justice.”


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What makes this story even more beautiful is the fact all of “Today” parent NBCUniversal?s profits from each download and stream of “I’ve Loved You Since Forever” will be donated to (a national 501(c)(3) financial grant program that helps couples and individuals with the cost of their adoptions by awarding grants up to $15,000. To find out more visit

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