A country star’s musical gift makes a young fan’s dream come true YouTube/TheChaseRiceVEVO

We need you to take a moment and watch this new Chase Rice video, but warning: you’re gonna need tissues.

While envisioning a concept for his brand new music video for the single “Three Chords & the Truth,” Chase had it on his heart to do something different, to use this music video to shine a light on someone else: a fan who needed a little sunshine in their life.

So he came up with a plan to go out and buy an acoustic guitar and then deliver it to a child who is both deserving and in need of music in their life.

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“My dad got me my first guitar, a cheap little $150 guitar … but that cheap $150 guitar changed my entire life,” Chase says in the video.

But the country star knows that for so many people going through a tough time, a guitar or a musical dream is a luxury they simply can’t entertain or enjoy.

 “There’s a lot of people out there who can’t afford to get into music like I did. Or they love music and they can’t afford a guitar,” he explains. “So I want to take the opportunity to give back and, hopefully, have a shot at changing a kid’s life.”

Enter 8-year-old Nicholas Thompson: a Morehead, Kentucky, native and big Chase Rice fan who also happens to be battling hemophilia. When we meet Nicholas in the video, he’s getting his medicine from his mom through a port, and it’s evident that this is a very strong and very special little boy.

He’d met Chase once before, but he’s never met him like this. When Chase’s tour bus rolls up his driveway and parks in his front yard, the look on sweet Nicholas’ face is priceless.


It’s such a moving moment as the two sit on Nicholas’ front porch and laugh and talk while Chase gives Nicholas a guitar lesson before ultimately signing and then gifting the boy his first instrument.

Watching that, it’s hard to hold back the tears.

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“For me, music is everything. You see it all the time, you hear it all the time, it’s everywhere you go and I can’t think of a better gift to give someone else,” Chase says.

And Nicholas agrees. He’s still in shock—the good kind—over the events of the day.

“I thought, wow, this is the greatest day of my life,” he told the cameras.

How precious. And well done, Chase.

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