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Country star Chase Rice just released a powerful new video for his inspirational song, ?Amen,? including footage of him visiting his late father, Daniel Rice?s, grave in North Carolina. What?s even more amazing is that Chase filmed that emotional trip back home before he even recorded the song. After hearing the songwriter demo of the track, Chase just started seeing this video play out in his head. He decided to go ahead and enlist his videographer friend Cody Cannon to film the homecoming.

Chase tells ?People,? ?That?s when you know something is pretty special when it falls into place like that. To me, it?s a higher power that allows something like that to turn out so well. [This] was all for me to go home and see my dad.?

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At the top of the clip you see Chase writing ?Love you Dad ? Lambs & Lions? on a burned CD. It?s a copy of his new album, which includes ?Amen.? Chase goes on to place that CD on top of his father?s grave, along with a collection of photos showing the family all together before his dad passed away in 2008 from a heart attack. The emotion you see from Chase are all raw and real.

He adds, ?The hardest part for me was that I didn?t want to fake anything. I wasn?t going to fake cry. We weren?t going to re-shoot me walking up to the grave. It was all one take. This video is 100 percent real.?

There are other subtle tributes to Chase?s dad throughout the clip.

He tells “People,” ?The car I?m driving the entire time [in the video] is my dad’s and my 1970 Dodge HEMI Challenger that we built together probably 15 or 20 years ago.?

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With songs like ?Amen? and several other tracks on “Lambs & Lions,” Chase is letting us see a more mature side of himself. That growth is a result of facing some of his demons and also regaining his purpose as an artist and as a man.


Chase explains, ?When I moved to Nashville, I completely lost myself. You get into the party scene ? and all this followed after losing my dad. You lose direction in life. You lose purpose in life. I was chasing everything I could to make myself feel better and to give myself purpose when none of those things would really do it, even music.?

Going home and dealing with his emotions over losing his father allowed Chase to start the healing process.

He says, ?That?s when I finally found my purpose in life. Really finding joy in life was all about going home as opposed to running for so long, which I did. And facing the fact I was 22 years old and lost my dad, that?s a hard thing to face. And I didn?t face it for so long. I used music, I used drinking, I used partying. I used all that to get away from the fact that I lost my dad.?


Ten years later, Chase is still learning how to live without his dad.

?This video didn?t cure me,? he tells “People.” ?It?s still gonna hurt. But at least now I can move on with my life and live a life that he?d be proud of, as opposed to running.?

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