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If you’re like us, you think country music makes everything from the drive into work to a night out on the town better. It certainly makes life and love better. And it can even make a bag of popcorn better, providing you’re at a movie that rolls out a country tune in the soundtrack. And that happens quite a lot, so we’re looking at our five favorite country songs found in movies in this Rare Country’s 5.

It’s easily one of the most identifiable songs in country music. As soon as that piano starts thumping out the intro, we get ready to tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, right? And even if your boss is a scoundrel as evil as Mr. Hart, by the time Dolly Parton’s nails are clicking out the beat, we’re ready to face our own “9 to 5.” Even if it isn’t your dream job, the groove and tempo alone are enough to make you happy and Dolly reminds us, “You’ve got dreams he’ll never take away!”

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Sure, we love Dolly’s happy, peppy songs, but we also have to remember that she wrote and performed one of the saddest, most aching songs … ever! Although “I Will Always Love You” was based on Dolly’s very own personal heartbreak, it touched a nerve with a new audience when Whitney Houston performed it for her movie “The Bodyguard.” It also landed Dolly a truckload of awards.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? We often say that country music is a soundtrack to our lives, so why wouldn’t it make a good soundtrack to a movie, too? This list could have gone on forever, but we narrowed it down to five of our favorites. Check out the Rare Country’s 5 for the rest, and be sure to comment with your favorite country song from a movie.

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Or if you think there’s a song that would make a great movie, tell us. Let’s start a wish list!

And be sure to come back next week when we have more of the fun and news from in and around country music in Rare Country’s 5.

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