Sure, she’s gorgeous, and her shows are next level entertainment. Her songs are so memorable and hooky that a few notes in and we know we’re about to hear Shania Twain. And as important as those things are, they didn’t even make our list of the Top 5 reasons we love this Canadian songbird.

One reason we adore sassy Shania is that she’s coming back like she never even left. Longtime country fans have learned how to be patient. When Garth Brooks took a break from the road, the payoff was so worth it. When Faith Hill stepped out of the spotlight to raise her daughters, she came back with a vengeance. And even Kenny Chesney has taken mini-breaks to relax and refresh, and returned to the road bigger and better. Now, after her own much-deserved time away from the music biz, Shania is back, and we are beside ourselves.

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But while Shania was taking her break, we had a catalog of iconic videos to keep us loving and missing our pretty brunette. And those images are as vivid and compelling as that classic black and white photo of a young Johnny Cash flipping the bird. Come on, who doesn’t hear those opening bars of “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” and see Shania in thigh-high boots and a top hat? Or when you hear that classic clap-stomp sequence, can’t you just visualize a young Shania in a white tank and denim vest singing “Any Man of Mine.”

From her proud Canadian roots to her incomparable crossover success, Shania has given us as many reasons to love her as albums she’s sold. And that’s a lot! Take a look at our video counting the top 5, and don’t forget to let us know what you love most about Shania.

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