One of the best parts of living in the country are the roads that it takes to get there. But you don’t have to be from the country to recognize the romance of a journey down those rural roadways. Whether lined with pastures of cattle and horses, or fields of corn and wheat, part of the beauty of traveling country roads is the joy of getting lost — physically or mentally.

The thought of a country road with blue skies overhead inspires this Rare Country’s 5 list of favorite country road songs.

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Luke Bryan knows the glory of a dirt road and a pickup truck, and he remembers his own youth that held plenty of both in his song “We Rode In Trucks.” Full of nostalgia and a touch of melancholy for his youth in Leesburg, Georgia, this classic tune was on Luke’s debut album, “I’ll Stay Me.” And while there are those who may think Luke has changed since he’s gained some fame and recognition, we can confirm that not only is he still the same good ole boy he was back then, but he also still rides in a truck and he does, in fact, live on a country road.

There aren’t always blue skies and sunshine on a dirt road, though, and Brad Paisley reminded us that isn’t just OK, it’s dang fun to get a little “Mud on the Tires.” So full of unbridled joy and bona fide country fiddle and steel, “Mud on the Tires” is one of the finest anthems to living and loving country style there is. And it’s best enjoyed at full volume, with windows down, and bouncing down a dirt road.

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If you wish you were traveling a back road instead of sitting behind a desk, or if you’re planning a trip to the country, check out our list of favorite country road songs in Rare Country’s 5. There are a bunch more, though, so be sure to tell us what your favorite melody for dodging potholes and possums is.

And check back in later this week when we have more news and fun from in and around country music in Rare Country’s 5.

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