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We are so excited to have RaeLynn joining us for a performance at the Rare Country Awards this year! The New Artist of the Year nominee sat down for a quick chat after her rehearsal in the hours leading up to the show, and we can tell you you’re in for a big treat. Even when she’s just rehearsing, RaeLynn sounds exactly the same in person as she does when you listen to her debut album, “WildHorse.”

We asked her how she gets herself psyched up for big broadcast performances like the Rare Country Awards, which will also air live on radio stations across the country. She tells us, “I just think about — especially if there’s nobody in front of me — I just think about their being people in front of me. It’s hard. I’ve done a few things where you know that somebody’s going to watch you on their TV, but there’s nobody in there. You just have to think, ‘OK, I’ve gotta entertain them no matter if there’s just camera people around.’ So, it’s just kind of a mindset you have to get in. You’ve got to look in that camera and speak to the people!”

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Listening to the people is what got RaeLynn to this point in her career, too. The Rare Country Awards are fan-voted, and that aspect of the show means a lot to RaeLynn.

She says, “Anything that’s fan-driven is one of my favorites because you’re hearing from the people that give us the job that we have. We would not be here without our fans. So, to be nominated is such an honor, and to be here is so much fun. Anytime I get to sing and have a good time, I’m excited to be here.”

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Tune in to see RaeLynn’s big performance on the Rare Country Awards tonight, Dec. 14, at 9 p.m. ET at and on Rare Country’s Facebook page.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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