Tim and Faith set the stage on fire as they returned to the road together in 2017 Getty Images/Ethan Miller
Getty Images/Ethan Miller

After all these years, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are still the ultimate relationship goal, and the ultimate country music power couple.

This year, the two superstars embarked on their “Soul 2 Soul World Tour,” and the fire between them burned hotter than ever before!

If you were in the audience you could feel the chemistry between the two. When they stare into each other’s eyes and sing, it’s hard not to lose it.

Remember the show in Orlando, Florida back in October? Holy moly, y’all!

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Every night in the show, the two sing one of their big duets, “I Need You.” That alone is sexy enough, but during this particular show they really turned up the heat.

Picture this: the house lights are down and the screen is dark. Tim looks smashing in a black suit, and walks out toward the audience. Then Faith appears in a sparkly dress looking like a supermodel. She wraps her arms around Tim and they two share smoldering glances as they snuggle.

The music begins and they sing, “I need yoooooou …”

And then, the final moment.

They hold each other, and Faith throws her head back while Tim sings and then, hello makeout session!

I mean, does it get any more perfect?

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Well, it kind of does, when they show those pictures of their daughters. It’s also hard not to be emotional when those candid photos scroll on the big screen, because this is one tight-knit family with so much love that we greatly admire.


We just can’t get enough of them, and neither can y’all.

Which is why with so many of these magical moments on the “Soul 2 Soul Tour,” Tim and Faith’s explosive chemistry and love are up for Story of the Year at this year’s Rare Country Awards.


There’s some pretty big competition for the couple: including moments from Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney and NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Who do you think should win?

Voting begins Nov. 13 at and goes until Dec. 13. Winners will be revealed during a livestreamed concert on Dec. 14.

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