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LANCO had an incredible 2017 with their debut hit, “Greatest Love Story,” becoming a No. 1 country smash. Now, they’re capping off the year with a performance on the Rare Country Awards. We caught up with the guys just after their rehearsal for the big show to get their thoughts on scoring a Rare Country Awards nomination for New Artist of the Year.

Band member Tripp Howell tells Rare Country, “We’re absolutely thrilled. When you start playing music, you see these awards shows. You’re like, ‘Man, if we could just be at one of those.’ But the fact that we’re starting to get nominated for some of them, it’s really cool. It’s a good feeling. It means we’re doing something right.”

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What makes the Rare Country Awards even sweeter for LANCO is the fact that fans determine who gets nominated and who wins the trophies.

“I think it’s incredible,” says LANCO lead singer Brandon Lancaster. “[It’s] just a night where you’re celebrating artists and musicians. The fans have such a say. They make the world go ’round. No one here would have jobs and be traveling around the country if it wasn’t for them. So, the fact that they have a say in it, it’s an incredible night.”

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LANCO’s fanbase has grown by leaps and bounds since they’ve now had a big hit, but there are a few fans they’ve been able to count on from day one. The guys are active on social media, so they know a lot of these early fans by name. They even call them out in our video interview. It feels good for the guys to see those fans still hanging with them.

Says Brandon, “As we’ve grown and gained success, we still see their tweets and see things on Facebook, Instagram, whatever it may be. It’s a really cool thing because we’re proud that they’re following us because they were there early, early on when it wasn’t as cool. They were at some shows that were not the greatest shows. So, the fact that they can come out now to shows that are sold out, or tune in and see an awards show [where] we’re nominated and playing, it’s an incredible feeling.”


Tune in to see LANCO’s big performance on the Rare Country Awards tonight, Dec. 14, at 9 p.m. ET at and on Rare Country’s Facebook page.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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