Garth Brooks takes part in the most awesome gender reveal ever Stephanie Evers/YouTube screenshot
Stephanie Evers/YouTube screenshot

Expectant parents: what if you could have a country superstar like Garth Brooks be part of your baby’s gender reveal?

Talk about a moment to remember, which is exactly why Garth Brooks? onstage baby bombshell is up for Fan Moment of the Year at this year?s Rare Country Awards.

Garth was doing a show back in July at the Forum in Inglewood, California. Everything was going as planned until the superstar noticed a very special fan sign in the audience.

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Married couple and expectant parents Wesley and Katy Hansen were in the crowd, and had the test results from their latest ultrasound, which showed whether the couple was having a boy or a girl.

They thought that maybe, just maybe, they could convince Garth to help them with the gender reveal if they made a creative sign.

And did they ever. The sign read: ?Working on a full house. Boy or girl??

You know that caught Garth?s attention. He called the couple to the stage, where they gave him the envelope containing the baby?s sex.

?You don?t know and it?s in here?? Garth asked. Wesley and Katy promised Garth they?d name their baby Brooks no matter the outcome.

?All of a sudden I?m nervous,? Garth shouted. He then opened the envelope and broke the big news.

?I?ve got to tell you that I?m extremely happy for you because I have three of these,? he said.

It?s a girl!

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He then gave a little piece of parental advice: ?Now you tell them they don?t need a stinking boy to tell them how cool they are!?


But that wasn?t all, no way! Garth then shocked the couple by making one big promise.

?We?ll make a deal,? Garth said. ?If I?m still alive when Brooks goes to college, we?ll pay for her college.?

And this is why he?s a mega superstar. Garth, we love you.

Will Garth’s moment be your choice? It’s now up to you to decide the winner at Voting begins Nov. 13 and goes until Dec. 13. Winners will be revealed during a livestreamed concert on Dec. 14.

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