When Faith Hill made her debut with the 1993 hit, “Wild One,” she was a fresh-faced girl from Mississippi that looked a lot like the girl next door. Fast forward to 2017, and Faith Hill is one of the most glamorous ladies to ever grace country music. The singer’s vocal style has also evolved quite a bit since those early days.

Over the years, Faith has developed an edgier, R&B-influenced sound that’s a far cry from the steel guitar-heavy production on “Wild One.” To reflect that change, Faith gave her debut hit a major makeover for her new “Soul 2 Soul World Tour” with hubby Tim McGraw.

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In this clip, Faith introduces “Wild One” as her “very first song ever on the radio.” You can see she’s got the electric guitar strapped around her neck and she’s ready to rock.

This new version of “Wild One” actually seems to reflect the lyrics of the song even more than the original, too. The girl in the song isn’t playing by anyone’s rules but her own, and Faith is definitely following in that mold with the “Soul 2 Soul World Tour.” The show features re-imagined versions of Faith’s biggest hits, including “Breathe” and “Piece of My Heart.”

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You’ll be able to catch the full show when Tim and Faith’s “Soul 2 Soul World Tour” airs as a special on Showtime coming up November 17. Here’s a preview of that show.

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