We think Alan Jackson would be proud of this now superstar’s “Star Search” audition YouTube/LaSignoraMinu'

If you think Justin Timberlake?s first foray into country music was at the 2015 CMA Awards, think again!

The little nugget in this video would beg to differ. That kiddo is none other than a 10 year old Justin showing his talent to the world on ?Star Search? with a cowboy hat and belt buckle almost as big as he is!

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Back in 1992, Justin made his debut on the famed talent search show going by his first and middle names ?Justin Randall,? which is why at first glance it may not seem obvious that it?s JT.

But when he begins to sing Alan Jackson?s ?Love?s Got A Hold On You” ? a No. 1 country hit for Alan that year ? you can kind of hear inklings of that same voice that belts out ?Sexy Back? and, more recently, ?Say Something? with his pal Chris Stapleton. Watch for yourselves. Can you tell it?s him?

You can?t help but admit that, even at a young age, Justin commanded that stage. And even though he didn?t win ?Star Search? that evening, it?s safe to say a star was definitely born.

Cut to 2015 and he gets the chance to get country for the world once again when Chris invites him to the CMA Awards for what is now an infamous performance that totally brought the house down. The two mixed country and soul perfectly that night for a mashup of Justin’s “Drink You Away” and Chris’ version of “Tennessee Whiskey.” It was a performance so damn good that Keith Urban whipped out his cell phone to record it.

We’re talking that good.

Let?s relive that magic for just a moment ?


Justin later returned the favor, inviting Chris to be a part of a haunting, acoustically driven track called ?Say Something? from Justin?s upcoming album, ?Man of the Woods.? Here’s their cool music video.

No matter where he goes, or what music he releases, Justin always carries a bit of his hometown, Memphis, with him. Sometimes we hear it more than others, but we know home is where his heart it.

This weekend, Justin will take the stage to, no doubt, rock the Super Bowl halftime show?and we can?t help but wonder and hope that Chris may join him for at least a song.

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We know this much: when he?s up there performing on one of the world?s biggest stages, we?re gonna be thinking about that little cowpoke in a 10 gallon hat trying to get his start and make his dreams come true.

What a journey!

Justin’s “Man of the Woods” album hits stores Friday, Feb. 2, and will feature that incredible duet with Chris.

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