We just fell deeper in love with Brantley Gilbert because of this video Instagram/@brantleygilbert

Brantley Gilbert, you just stole our hearts all over again.

Check out this video and photo from one of Brantley’s recent concerts. The young boy he’s picking up is named Harrison, and he was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes autism and leaves him unable to speak. The little one still knew how to party in spite of his personal hardships.

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Brantley says, “He was throwin’ down front and center the other night … It was an honor to have you there buddy … Welcome to the BG Nation, big guy.”

As you can see in the clip, Brantley comes over to Harrison while singing his song “Rockin’ Chairs.” At first, it looks like Brantley is going to just give the boy a high five, but he ends up taking the kid from his dad and bringing him onstage.


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Brantley then holds Harrison in his arms while he’s singing the sentimental song about making the most out of life. That message certainly hits home with Harrison’s story.

Seeing how good Brantley is with kids, we can’t help but think of what a good daddy he’s going to make. Brantley and his wife, Amber, are expecting their first child next month, and Brantley is  open to any advice he can get from friends with kids. He welcomes them to get specific, too.


Brantley says, “What’s funny is the main advice that I’ve been given isn’t really advice. It’s just a statement. And everybody says, ‘Man, you have no idea how much your life is gonna change.’ And then they stop.”

He adds with a laugh, “It’s, like, open-ended. Alright, cool, thanks. So, anything on how it’s gonna change?”

Feel free to share your parenting advice for Brantley with us, and we’ll pass it on to him.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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