Watch this precious George Strait imposter get his “Pure Country” on YouTube/uweseeyou

There are plenty of people that believe country music has gone to hell in a handbasket, and that George Strait, the reigning King of Country Music, is the last of the great country artists. While we certainly don’t think the future of the format is quite that dismal, we do agree that George Strait is one of the greats. And it’s nice to see that his music is living on in at least one future country star.

An unidentified little cowboy is taking social media by storm with his rendition of George’s hit single “Heartland,” from the movie “Pure Country.” But it isn’t just that the fella sings the heck out of the song, it’s also apparent the youngster has seen the movie so much that he has the moves and poses down pat, albeit somewhat exaggerated.

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For example, when George’s character, “Dusty Chandler,” strides onto the stage to perform “Heartland,” the angle and backlighting make him look somewhat bow-legged. This young man clearly remembers that and strikes a similar pose, a la Dusty.

He then acknowledges the pretend audience in his empty yard, and gestures toward his make-believe band before launching into the most energetic and passionate performance of “Heartland” we have ever seen. Seriously. We think George would even agree, or at least get a mighty chuckle out of this little man’s impression.

Of course, like any good gentleman cowboy would do, and like Dusty did after that long glory note and punchy guitar ending, he thanks his audience for coming.

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We did a side-by-side comparison. It’s close, y’all! It’s close enough to have us dying from a cuteness overload, anyway. Check it out for yourself!

Obviously, this young man ditched Dusty’s designer duds, with all of their sparkle, for more convincing, but still appropriate boots, jeans, pearl snap and hat. But with a National Finals Rodeo tag pinned to his shirt, it seems that he’s not playing dress-up. Heck, he could be a mutton-busting champ!

That reminds us, NFR starts early next month, so maybe we should be on the lookout for this little guy to be performing. Or maybe it will be in a few more years.


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