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A whole batch of aspiring stars took to NBC?s ?The Voice? with their blind auditions on Feb. 27, but only one received a rare four-chair turn from the coaches.

The singer, 35-year-old Pryor Baird, was the final performer of the night, and blew the entire panel away with his insanely powerful rendition of John Mayer’s “I Don’t Need No Doctor.”

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Even though he was last to take the stage, Pryor?s performance couldn?t have made for a better wake-up call, as he brought along his trusty electric guitar. His instrument didn?t outshine his vocal talents though. Instead, it made for a nice, and unique, addition to his growly and bluesy pipes and his stellar vocal range.

?You?re an incredible vocalist. It sounds like you smoked a pack of cigarettes and drank a bottle of whiskey right before you got onstage, man,? coach Blake Shelton, who was on his feet for a good portion of the performance, commented. ?I did that stuff for years in order to try to sound like you and I still didn?t get there. You were born with that weathered sound. That?s what makes you rare. That?s what separates you from the rest of the pack. That?s why you?ve got to pick me as your coach. I need you on my team.?

Alicia Keys, who shared a similar reaction, added, ?You have such a range. I definitely feel I?m the only one that can sing somewhere in the vicinity that you just sang, so that we can actually have similar spaces to create from.?

As for longtime coach Adam Levine, he noted how happy he was that he turned his chair around first. He then commended Pryor on his incredible guitar skills.

?The way you make that guitar sound is absolutely singular and unique and amazing,? Adam raved. ?I don?t usually hear someone sing the way you do and play the way you do. That is a rarity. And I know that instrument. That?s my heart and soul. So I believe that this is home right here on my team.?


Kelly Clarkson, who agreed with her fellow coaches, also took note of Pryor?s charm and good looks.

?Look at you out there with that guitar and that unbuttoned shirt, c?mon,? she gushed. ?You look like a man, like a sexy man. I love all of it. Just the soulfulness, it?s innate, but you?re rocking out to it as well, so it separates you from what?s happening in music right now. So, I would love to have you on my team.?

Even though Pryor had four celebrities to choose from, he felt that he and Blake were kindred spirits, so he went with the Team Blake.

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And, of course, Blake used his victory to get cocky with his co-stars. On Twitter he wrote, ?While I appreciate your words of sympathy OTHER COACHES, I?m just gonna walk my NEW TEAMMATE PRYOR back to meet his family. Thanks for playing.?

Keep up with Pryor’s journey on season 14 of ?The Voice? Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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