Watch Scotty McCreery’s reaction as his fans sing back to him Getty Images/Rick Diamond
Getty Images/Rick Diamond

There was a time when Scotty McCreery had no idea which direction his life would go. He wasn?t sure of what the next day held for him, or if the career he had dreamed about since he was just a little kid would ever come to fruition. And certainly, he couldn?t have ever imagined a moment like the moment that occurred in New York City on March 19.

On that night, Scotty experienced the magic that comes with a No. 1 single. It?s the magic that hits you in the heart, where you suddenly realize that you did it. You have sung a song that people will remember.

And now they are singing every word back to you!

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In a video shared on Twitter of his NYC performance at the Gramercy Theatre, Scotty can be seen leading the crowd into the chorus of his recent chart-topping single, ?Five More Minutes,? from his new album, ?Seasons Change.?

And as he held his arms in the air and eventually rested his hands on his heart, Scotty seemed moved by the performance, and the moment and the people who were there with him that night.

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It was pretty much perfection ? perfection that Scotty has deserved to experience since he was first introduced to the country music industry all the way back in 2011 at the age of 17. Because, from the very beginning, Scotty has stayed true to himself and to his fans. He has laid his heart and his faith our for all to see.

?With me, I?ve always kind of been that guy ? what you see is what you get,? he recently told Rare Country. ?My life back home with my family and friends is the same guy I am onstage in front of my fans. It?s just kind of how it is with me. I appreciate [that] the fans have stuck by me through all that. I feel like with this record I?ve really got to showcase that and just kind of spill my heart out and tell ?em what?s on my mind. It?s a very personal record start to finish. I feel like they?re going to get to know me even better through this record.?

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