Watch as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s sexy PDA drives a crowd insane YouTube/Denise Valente
YouTube/Denise Valente

They’ve been married for more than 20 years, and while we don’t pretend to know what their personal lives are like, it seems pretty obvious that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill know how to keep the spark alive in their relationship.

And in the process, they may have fired up a few innocent bystanders’ relationships as well!

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We’ve come to expect that at some point in Tim and Faith’s live show they’re going to, you know … swap some spit … suck face …tickle each other’s tonsils … pack on the PDA. And we aren’t mad about it. In fact, we noticed that it seems to be getting a little steamier, a little hotter, with every show.

And, just as we hoped, their show in Orlando, Florida, on Oct. 21 was no exception. But honestly, the kiss is just the final gesture. It’s everything that leads up to that romantic exchange that makes this moment in their show so damn sexy.

House lights are down. The screen is dark. Tim, looking debonair in a black suit, appears, strolling towards the audience. Then Faith appears. Sparkling. Shining. Hips swaying like only a confident woman can pull off. She wraps her arms around him. There are glances … you know the kind. There are embraces. There’s even snuggling.

Cue music.

“I need yooooooou …”

Maybe it’s because the “Soul2Soul: The World Tour” is coming to an end, but it seems like the intensity of this romantic moment has increased by a thousand. They sing sweeter and bigger. They hold each other, and, when Faith throws her head back as Tim sings … it’s pretty much everything. And then …



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Oh, how we love love.

And oh how we hate to see this tour wrap. There’s just one more weekend left, but remember, there’s that new album, “The Rest of Our Life,” coming and a Showtime special. Both happen on Nov. 17.

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