Luke Bryan debuted his brand-new single, “Light It Up,” during his concerts this past weekend, and we have to say it fits nicely in his set. While Luke has often sung about the ups and downs of love in his music, he’s never taken on the impact technology plays in the way we hook up and break up in 2017.

It’s something just about everyone experiences, though.

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In an interview with iHeart Country, Luke says, “So, ‘Light It Up,’ I think it’s a glimpse into people and how they communicate these days. People are breaking up with text messages, they’re getting back with text messages. They’re just on their phones so much.'”

When someone’s going through a breakup, they tend to look at their phones non-stop, which is what “Light It Up,” is all about.

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Says Luke, “It’s just about a guy who’s hanging on everything that’s happening on his phone. He’s like, ‘Please, just light that screen up with that text messages so we can get it back together.'”

Luke wasn’t so sure about using the word “neurotic” in the lyrics of “Light It Up,” but his co-writer on the song, Brad Tursi of Old Dominion, just knew it was the perfect way to describe this guy’s behavior.

Says Luke, “It just kind of got more comfortable saying it.”

“Light It Up” is the lead single from Luke’s upcoming studio album. We’ll keep you posted when he announces more details on that project.

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