Watch as Brad Paisley completely forgets the lyrics of one of his most popular songs YouTube/Tricia Despres
Youtube/Tricia Despres

God knows it has happened to us at one time or another. You see that person in the grocery store that you have lived next door to for five years and you can’t remember their name. You run into your husband’s boss at a cocktail party and you can’t remember which lady is their wife. Heck, some of us have weeks where we can’t even remember our own phone number.

It happens.

It just usually doesn’t happen in front of thousands.

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Yet, that’s exactly what the talented Brad Paisley experienced on the night of Nov. 15, when he played the iconic Chicago Theatre as part of CBS Radio’s third annual “Stars and Strings” show, which paid tribute to our nation’s veterans and their families. Onstage between fellow performers Chris Young and Kelsea Ballerini, Brad was smack dab in the middle of an emotional, acoustic version of his 2010 hit “This is Country Music” when the inevitable happened.

He forgot the lyrics.

“Wait, what’s the next line?” Brad questioned the audience. “I can’t remember it!”

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As many in the audience yelled out the forgotten lyrics, Chris couldn’t help but weigh in on the blunder. “All I know is that you made ‘sorry’ and ‘I love you’ backwards, and I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“I did,” Brad agreed. “That’s when it started going off the rails and I was thinking about it and for a second I was like, ‘Those are flipped! That’s all right. You are not going to crash the train,’ but you crashed the train.”

Of course, no trains were crashed in the performance of this song. In fact, after a few more hums, Brad was able to finish the song and take the audience to a perfect emotional conclusion.

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