The national anthem controversy has been a trending topic since President Donald Trump declared that NFL players should be fired for taking a knee during the song’s performance at ball games. But a new storm is brewing and a new audience is offended … by Tyler Farr’s rendition of the national anthem at the Sept. 28 Packers and Bears football game.

And it surprisingly started with a comment made by ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, who tweeted, “Good thing for tonight’s anthem singer, no one seems to be paying attention to the actual song.”

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Uh, what?

Tyler, not one to mince words, had a short, yet effective reply: “You’re a damn idiot.”

We also found this comment rather puzzling:

Tyler Farr? A hipster? Mmmmm, okaaaaaay.

Now our knee-jerk reaction is almost always to defend our country music community, but we also trust that our readers can decide how they feel about Tyler’s performance for themselves.

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What we will say is that the national anthem is one of the most difficult songs a singer will ever perform. Holding a vowel on the highest note, “free,” is enough to make even the most accomplished singer’s eyes water. Now add in a stadium full of people with all eyes on you, no musical accompaniment to help you stay on key and your voice bouncing back to you from the stands just a little bit behind where you are in the song, and the challenges are obvious.

But this particular game had a little something extra. All of the players from both teams and most of the fans in the seats stood. At the request of Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, most everyone stood with their arms locked in unity.

And that gesture alone could possibly make this the most important game of the 2017-2018 NFL season.

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