On the night of Sept. 29, rising country music singer-songwriter Seth Ennis was on top of the world. Opening for superstar group Little Big Town at a concert in Glasglow, Scotland, Seth had a surprise that he could barely keep to himself.

“So I just wrote a song called ‘Call Your Mama’ and my mama is over here in the UK, so I’m going to surprise her and play it for her,” Seth said in a heartwarming video posted on his Instagram page on Oct. 1.


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“My mama is in town y’all,” Seth proceeded to tell the crowd a little later in the evening. “I think I will dedicate one to my mama.”

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He went on to sing a beautiful song of love and gratitude to an amazing woman. But he could never have imagined that the song would take on a whole new meaning, as the lives of 59 country music fans were cut short just a few short days later in the Las Vegas festival massacre.

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Among those 59 country music fans was a multitude of mamas who will never get to hug their kids again, and a multitude of kids who will never get to call their moms again.

So, take a listen to the song.

Let it sink in.

And then, if you are lucky enough to get to do so — call your mama.

This rising star’s ode to his mama is exactly what we need to hear right now Instagram/Seth_Ennis
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