This Grammy winner’s impersonation of Blake Shelton is absolutely hysterical YouTube/Scott Saunders
YouTube/Scott Saunders

Talk about a show-stopping moment … literally.

You all know Grammy-winning Canadian rocker Bryan Adams—the smoky, raspy-voiced heartthrob best known for his incredibly romantic power ballads and anthems like “Every Thing I Do (I Do It For You),” “Have You Really Ever Loved A Woman,” “Summer of ’69,” and this one—“Please Forgive Me.”

Who could forget “Please Forgive Me?” We have many memories of nervous slow dances at school parties while this played in the background.

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It’s timeless and classic, so it was particularly hysterical when Bryan decided to stop the song at a show to sing it like Blake Shelton.

Yep, Bryan surprisingly does a pretty spot on impersonation of the country superstar and coach of “The Voice.”

During a show in 2014, Bryan was feeling a little loose and having fun with his audience. As he soared into the second verse of the hit, he stopped and looked to the side of the stage in the wings.

He appeared to be talking to someone off stage or in the audience, and seemed to be responding to a statement. On the mic, he asks, “I sound like Blake Shelton? On this song?”

The audience erupts into laughter, and he waits for the perfect moment to give the next part of the song his best country accent and effort as Blake Shelton singing Bryan Adams.

Now, the audience is just roaring with laughter.

It’s not a terrible Blake impression at all, and leaves us with two burning questions.

No. 1, has Blake seen this?

We know that last fall, one of Blake’s team members on “The Voice,” Mitchell Lee, delivered a powerful cover of Bryan’s other monster hit, “Heaven.” Blake, like everyone else, was blown away by that performance.


We think even Bryan would be impressed by this one.

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And No. 2, should Bryan put out a country record? He’s already appeared on an episode of “CMT Crossroads” with Jason Aldean. That was one heck of a show. Do y’all remember this? Let us refresh your memories with their collaboration on “Heaven.”


Would you buy a Bryan Adams country record?

Clearly, this audience in the Canadian city of Saint John would. We’d honestly be right there with them!

Watch below for a really, really good laugh. The fun starts at about the two minute mark.

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