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Babies are so adorable. They can light up a room with their wide eyes, chubby cheeks, little hands and tiny toes. But aside from their cute and snuggly features, their smiles, sounds and gestures also have the ability to bring a smile to even the biggest grouch’s face. That’s why it comes as no surprise that there are tons of heartwarming videos online featuring babies and their precious moments.

But right now, it looks like one father/daughter clip might be standing out above the rest.

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Dan Fowlks — a doting dad and New York-based model/actor — shared a video on Facebook that shows him serenading his baby with his guitar and a rendition of Bobby Darin’s 1959 classic, “Dream Lover.” But it’s not Dan who owned the moment in this clip, which has already racked up more than six million views on Facebook. Instead, it was the tiny tot who truly stole the spotlight!

In the video, Dan stands next to a bed and starts to casually strum on his acoustic guitar. After a few bars, he begins to sing while his little princess, who was playing on the bed, shows up in the shot and crawls her way toward her loving father. When the tiny tyke is close enough to hear her daddy’s voice, she starts to enthusiastically applaud him.

Throughout the entire jam session, the little nugget, who is dressed in a white onesie, made up some very cute choreography on the fly. She bounced in place, rocked back and forth, clasped her hands together, raised her little arms up in the air, wiggled, giggled, babbled, cooed and even rolled over before the end note! Her cuteness got so intense that her dad couldn’t help but laugh midway through his performance.

“Daddy’s biggest fan. 💜 How wonderful is this,” one fan commented on the video, that was also posted by “The Dad” Facebook page.


“Anyone who doesn’t smile and laugh at this has no heart,” another person added.

“Awesome father, baby is really rockin’,” a third commenter wrote.

Even though the clip was clearly meant to make viewers feel good, some folks were a bit concerned for the child’s safety

“Anyone else cringing in fear the baby would fall or is it just the [helicopter] father in me,” one man wrote.

Another commenter added, “I was tense the entire time.”

Responding to the few negative comments, the baby’s mom, Chantelle Fowlks, jumped in and assured others that her husband was, indeed, keeping an eye on the couple’s little one.


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“If you notice, my husband puts his leg up to keep her from falling,” she wrote. “It’s funny how you had to point that out when clearly it was just meant to be a cute and endearing video.”

So, did you fall in love with this video or what? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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