Sugarland kicked off their 2018 reunion with this awesome performance  Instagram/@a.enews

It?s been about five years since we saw Sugarland on tour together. The duo took a break when Jennifer Nettles was pregnant with son Magnus, which seemed like a good time for her and Kristian Bush to explore other avenues of creativity.

And it was. Each of them released solo music projects, but Kristian also dug deeper into the production end of music and Jennifer made her acting debut in ?Dolly Parton?s Coat of Many Colors? and the sequel, ?Dolly Parton?s Christmas of Many Colors.?

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Although we loved seeing these artists stretch, many of us still felt that void that the absence of Sugarland left. And the longer it went on, the more anxious we were that they may never get back together. So when the duo announced at this year?s CMA Awards that they would be reuniting in 2018, we were thrilled.

But after five years of not performing together and seven years of no new music, would they still have the same magic?

Yes, they definitely do!

Jennifer, dressed in a sequin suit, and Kristian, sporting a fuller beard and his signature chapeau, made a big appearance together on Dec. 31 when they performed a medley of their biggest hits on ?Dick Clark?s Rockin? New Year?s Eve? in Times Square.

With record-breaking temperatures dipping below zero, Sugarland delighted fans with bits of ?Baby Girl,? ?Want To,? ?All I Want to Do,? the fun-loving romp ?Stuck Like Glue? and the salute to the working class, ?Something More.?

Not only did the New York skyline light up at midnight, but Sugarland?s social media did, too, with supportive responses from fans who have been patiently awaiting this moment.

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Back in Nashville, the duo kept that good energy going and, instead of taking a break after that stellar performance, they hit the ground running, visiting radio stations to play their old music and their new release, ?Still the Same,? and teasing fans on social media with more news to come.

Eek! This is exciting!


So far, Sugarland hasn?t shared any specific dates or plans for touring, but they have said they will tour. We do know they are scheduled to appear at the C2C: Country to Country music festival on March 9 in Dublin, March 10 in London and March 11 in Glasgow, so that could feasibly be their official kickoff. And that gives them several weeks to get their band back together and rehearse.

But from the sounds of their performance on New Year?s Eve, they don?t need weeks. Heck, they don?t even need hours. They?re ready, and so are we!

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