Red Marlow silences a room with this heartfelt Garth Brooks ballad on “The Voice” YouTube/The Voice
YouTube/The Voice

Let’s be honest. It’s not easy to take on a Garth Brooks hit. But when season 13 “The Voice” contestant Red Marlow gave it a whirl, he totally nailed it!

The 40-year-old seasoned country singer tackled Garth’s signature ballad, “The Dance,” during the Top 11 live shows on Nov. 27.

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Instead of using an elaborate stage setting for his performance, Red kept it simple. He paired his red cowboy boots with a suit jacket and jeans, and strummed on his acoustic guitar. A violinist, cellist and steel guitarist also played along in the background, while Red showcased his natural country twang and beautiful runs on the tune.

By the end of the performance, Red’s coach Blake Shelton was on his feet.

“Red, its singers like you that taught singers like me how powerful it is when you can silence a crowd,” coach Jennifer Hudson, who was first to comment, said. “When you can silence the crowd the way you just did, it shows that you are owning the moment, and you’re drawing us in. I appreciate that. It shows your star power and the power of music, which you possess.”

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“I love what Jennifer’s saying, because you did have the crowd captivated, and the reason you did is because you are such a great storyteller, and that song is such a great song,” Blake added. “The reason you’re such a great storyteller is because you sing with pure, simple honesty. Man, you can’t fake that. Everything that you sing we know comes from your heart, and I love that about you Red. Good job tonight.”


Good job, indeed!

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