Luke Bryan’s new dance partners nearly steal his show YouTube/lycogirl03

Luke Bryan dancing with children is everything you need in your life right now?trust us.

During many of his shows, Luke welcomes at least one of his youngest fans in the audience up onstage for a song. He loves kids, so this is not unusual for the superstar.

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It is unusual for him to bring more than one kid onstage at a time though. But when they are this sweet and adorable, how could he resist?

During a recent stop on his ?What Makes You Country Tour,? Luke pulled a little girl from the audience to join him on ?Drunk On You,? and the look on her face as her country music hero reaches for her hand is just priceless!

Dressed in little jeans, pink cowboy boots and a Luke Bryan t-shirt that fits her like a dress, this precious little angel is so excited to be onstage that she can hardly contain herself!

She even knows the words and sings right along with Luke.

It?s all going so well and is so much fun that she has to get her friend up there to dance with her. You?ll see her point the other little girl out and command Luke to go retrieve her from the audience, too.

They?re both just so darn cute, of course he says yes.

So now, they?re both onstage and somehow Luke has managed to don a pink cowboy hat as he twirls them around.

It?s just the sweetest thing, and kind of makes us want to see Luke and wife Caroline have a little girl. He?s such a good daddy!


It?s all boys at the Bryan house. Between sons Bo and Tate and nephew Til, Luke and Caroline have their hands full! But you know they wouldn?t have it any other way.

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It wasn?t that long ago that Bo was a little boy himself joining his daddy onstage. We found this precious video of little Bo getting down to ?Country Man? during Luke?s album release party in his hometown of Leesburg, Georgia, back in 2009.


It’s true what they say: the days are long, but the years are short. What precious memories!

Luke’s “What Makes You Country Tour” rolls on March 9 and 10 with shows in Louisiana.

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