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If you’ve ever been to a Kenny Chesney show, you know it’s one of the most electrifying experiences you’ll ever have in your musical life.

And if you haven’t been to see him, well, you still have a chance to experience it, because Kenny will not only be mounting a major tour next year, he also just released “Live in No Shoes Nation,” a 29-track collection of live tour performances from 2007 all the way through this year.

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One of the most memorable moments from the road was when Kenny met and got to know hot new country group Old Dominion. The guys were on the road with Kenny’s “Spread the Love Tour” in 2016 and hit it off with him almost immediately.

“It didn’t take us long to connect,” Kenny says of the band in the video above. “And it didn’t take us long to have a certain camaraderie out there on the road that sometimes you just don’t have with a lot of people out there, but we had it with them: me, my band, our crew. Everybody out on the road just loved getting to know those guys and making music with them.”

So Kenny decided about halfway through that tour that Old Dominion’s Matt Ramsey and Brad Tursi should come out onstage to play “Save It For A Rainy Day” with him during his set because, after all, the two did co-write the song.

The audience thought it was a pretty cool idea, too. In fact, they absolutely loved it!

“It’s become a really fun moment of the show,” Kenny revealed.

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“When they come up there, we make it a habit to sometimes huddle and talk about what’s going on in the day,” he says. “There’s a lot of laughter onstage, there’s a lot of just pure love for what we do. I really respect those guys as songwriters, as musicians—they’re a great band.”


And because both Kenny and the No Shoes Nation fans loved them so much, the guys will be back out for Kenny’s “Trip Around The Sun Tour” in 2018!

In the meantime, check out this live version of “Save It For a Rainy Day.” It rocks!

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