Kelly Clarkson just released THE anthem for women everywhere YouTube/Kelly Clarkson
YouTube/Kelly Clarkson

“I’m a whole lotta woman!” Kelly Clarkson belts out in her raspy, soulful voice during her newest and perhaps most fiery single yet.

“Whole Lotta Woman” is Kelly like you’ve never heard her before.

The powerhouse Grammy-winner, wife, mother of two, and stepmom of two more is taking down female stereotypes one by one in her sassy anthem about being bold in life and in love and not being sorry about it.

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Even though she references the south in the song, women from Texas to New York City will bond with and feel empowered by the tune. You don’t have to be southern to pick up what Kelly’s putting down here. This is a statement for women everywhere!

Kelly told “Rolling Stone,” “I have a big personality. I’m a grown-ass woman that can pay her bills. I make a lot of money. That’s intimidating.”

She went on to talk about how women’s looks always seem to dominate conversation in the business.

“One of my favorite singers on the planet, Aretha Franklin, isn’t tiny,” Kelly told the magazine. “But she’s boss, and when she walks onto the stage everyone stops breathing.

“We’re marveling at her talent, but maybe some artists that we loved growing up would never make it today because of that dumb reason,” she goes on to say of size discrimination against female performers.

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“Why are we afraid of it?” she asks. “People come in different packages, and they may not all be what you like, but man, don’t they sound good?”’


It’s personal for Kelly, who has dealt with discussions about her weight and appearance since her days on “American Idol.” She thinks it’s finally time to speak up and speak out about that—which is exactly how “Whole Lotta Woman” was born.

“It was fun to write a song that said, ‘Yeah, you’re right, I am a whole lot of woman, and it’s okay. I came with a brain, and I came with drive, and passion and sensuality, and these things that are awesome. If you can’t handle it, that’s totally cool, but you’re not tall enough to ride this ride, then move along. It’s fine.’ We put a fun twist on it.”


It’s one hundred percent sass, and it’s Kelly to a “T.”

Kelly says because of her boldness, it took her a while to find love. But when she did, she got it right with husband Brandon Blackstock, who is Blake Shelton’s manager.

Kelly filmed a performance of the song at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville as part of her “Nashville Sessions” appearance. Y’all have to watch it above!

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