Kelly Clarkson is brought to tears over this contestant’s blind audition on “The Voice” YouTube / The Voice
YouTube / The Voice

If you?ve been tuning into season 14 of ?The Voice,? then you?ve probably gotten to know a little bit of Kelly Clarkson?s personality as a new coach. So far, she has been pretty funny and natural alongside her co-stars, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys.

Now, she is showing off her soft side in a new episode for the sing-off series. And, it?s all because of 33-year-old contestant Stephanie Skipper?s touching blind audition performance of Kelly’s poignant hit, ?Piece by Piece.?

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In this sneak peek video for the next episode of ?The Voice,? you?ll notice that Kelly drops her jaw just seconds after hearing Stephanie croon the first few lines of the song, which appears on Kelly’s seventh studio album of the same name. Shortly after that, Kelly wipes a tear from her eye.

But even though Kelly was moved to tears by Stephanie?s performance, she, surprisingly, didn?t turn around for the singer. However, both Adam and Blake did, ensuring Stephanie a spot on the show.

?I?m so sad. I know this is embarrassing, but I?m crying. I?m so mad I didn?t turn around.? Kelly said after hearing Stephanie?s blind audition. ?The fact that you picked that song was cool. I?m so sorry. It?s my first season, so I?m filling my team pretty fast.?

After Kelly?s words, Stephanie responded with, ?You don?t have to apologize. I?m on the show, girl!?

At that point, Kelly rose from her seat and hugged Stephanie! After their heartwarming moment, coach Adam did hid best to try and persuade Stephanie to join his team.

?You brought my attention to the really important thing, which is the song, and the story and what?s actually happening up there,? he said. ?The heart and the soul [were] there, and I think that is the only place on my team here that I?d ever want to start.?


?My favorite part of your voice is this beautiful quiver-lilt that?s inside of it. I think it?s really unique,? coach Alicia added.

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Blake then said, ?I think every song that Kelly writes is very personal. That one has a little extra dose of it. So much so that I know a lot about her story being her friend, and I applaud you for doing something scary, and just coming out here laying out this passionate performance that connected to all of us ? especially Kelly. I think she?s still crying.? Stephanie responded that the song was personal to her as well.

Be sure to tune into to the next episode of ?The Voice? to find out who Stephanie chooses as her mentor. ?The Voice? airs Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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