Keith Urban’s hit song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” offers encouragement to a woman who is feeling a little bit down and out of sorts. It’s become a centerpiece of his live shows in the past year, and you can see him perform a stellar version of the song on ABC’s “CMA Fest” television special coming up August 16. Here’s a clip of Keith’s performance from the upcoming broadcast.

Although Keith didn’t write “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” the encouraging tone of the song is not far off from the role he sometimes takes in his marriage to wife Nicole Kidman.

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In a new interview with Canada’s “Metro News,” Keith opens up about the support he gave to Nicole while she was filming her intense scenes for the HBO limited series she starred in, “Big Little Lies.” She portrayed Celeste, a woman who is struggling in an abusive marriage. The role took a toll on Nicole, and Keith says he was there to support her through the process “by being a loving husband.”

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He explains, “Nic is an accessor more than an actor, meaning that, for me, she accesses everything that you’re seeing or feeling on camera. If she’s getting tossed around or she’s being traumatized, she’s really feeling it. It’s legit. Those scenes were pretty heavy. She would call me after a day of shooting and be just really shaken. I could hear it in her voice. Luckily, we’re both artists and I get the passion and commitment in her life, in storytelling.”

It’s really beautiful to see how Keith and Nicole support and challenge each other to grow as artists. We also get to enjoy the great art they produce as a result of that bond.

Here’s the song Keith Urban might sing to cheer up Nicole Kidman Getty Images/Michael Loccisano 
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