Hear Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood rehearse their unforgettable Opry duet YouTube/Grand Ole Opry
YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

Every time Reba McEntire steps foot on the Grand Ole Opry stage, you can bet she’s going to deliver something special. That was especially true when Reba celebrated the 40th anniversary of her Grand Ole Opry debut earlier this year.

To commemorate that special event, Reba welcomed fellow Oklahoman and Opry member Carrie Underwood onstage for a powerhouse duet on Reba’s 1993 smash, “Does He Love You.” That collaboration was such a hit with our readers, it earned Reba and Carrie a nomination for Grand Ole Opry Moment of the Year at this year’s Rare Country Awards.

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Now, Reba is giving a little peek at her rehearsal with Carrie backstage before they went on for the big show. In this clip, you see the two of them in one of the Opry dressing rooms just singing the song with no microphones and nothing backing them up but a guitar. It’s truly stunning to watch these two country stars just open their mouths and sing in such a simple setting.

This video also gives a look back at Reba’s unparalleled career as a country megastar and Opry member. Through it all, Reba has stuck with her roots in honoring the legends that paved the way for her.

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She says, “The Grand Ole Opry means, to me, the history of country music, heritage, respect. We’ve got a responsibility to the fans, and our job is to entertain and do it well. I think that’s what future generations, I hope, learn from me.”

You can tell from the way Carrie performs and conducts her career, she’s been taking notes from Reba for years now. As for performing on the Opry stage, Reba says standing in that famed circle of wood taken from the original Ryman Auditorium stage is indescribable.

She explains, “It’s like the energy from the floor coming up through the soles of your boots up into your body, into your soul, into your heart. It’s history. It’s tradition. It’s power, and you don’t take it for granted. Every time you get to come to the Grand Ole Opry is very special.”


You can vote for Reba and Carrie in the Grand Ole Opry Moment of the Year category at through Dec. 13. The winners will be announced at a livestreamed concert event coming up Dec. 14.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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