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The loss of a parent is one that cuts deep. It’s a wound that never fully heals. Yet with time, the scar becomes a beautiful reminder of the time you had together, and those moments become the things you treasure.

But it’s always going to hurt, and Ashley Campbell knows this feeling all too well.

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The daughter of the late Glen Campbell had an extraordinary bond with her father, in music and in life, and theirs was such a special relationship to see.

Since her father’s passing last summer, Ashley and her family have done everything in their power to ensure the legacy of Glen as a musician and a man continues for future generations.

Ashley will often share personal photos and videos on her social pages to help us remember her dad and show just how great a father he was to her and her siblings.

This latest video post will break your heart.

Ashley wrote of the video, “Reminiscing on a Sunday. Here’s a video from one of our earlier rehearsals for dad’s ‘Goodbye Tour.’ I really miss him every day, but playing music and listening to his music makes me feel close to him. So many beautiful memories. Sometimes these videos are hard for me to watch, but I don’t want to ever look away. I don’t want to be afraid to think of him even though it’s painful. #duelingbanjos #fatherdaughterbonding #banjo #ashleycampbell #glencampbell #rehearsal”

Glen’s “Goodbye Tour” ran for 151 dates between 2011 and 2013 as he traveled the country bidding a bittersweet farewell to scores of fans, as his Alzheimer’s disease continued to progress.

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Ashley, along with Glen’s sons Shannon and Cal, toured with her father as part of the band.

The tour was documented in a powerful and moving documentary called “I’ll Be Me.” If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely must watch it.

Glen left this world peacefully on Aug. 8, 2017. We can only imagine the pain his family still feels in the wake of his passing. But we know how proud he is of them, especially his beloved daughter Ashley. And clearly she is equally proud of him.

Our thoughts remain with Ashley and her family.

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