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What’s the single first word that springs to mind when you hear the name George Strait? A lot of you probably smiled and thought “country.” Some of you may have thought “Texas,” and others, maybe some of the ladies, may have thought “Wranglers.” But if we said the word “timeless,” we’re guessing a lot of you might nod in agreement.

The King of Country Music is one of the most timeless artists to ever two-step through country music and, in reality, he’s in the world of entertainment. Talented, handsome and committed to his artistry, George’s career has spanned more than 30 years. And in 2012, when he announced that he was launching his last tour, a two-year journey, the sound of hearts breaking around the world was almost deafening.

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George quickly made it clear that just because he wasn’t doing the cross-country mega-tours he had done in the past, that didn’t mean he wasn’t performing for his beloved fans. Instead, the handsome Poteet, Texas, native was setting up house at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas a few times a year where fans could easily fly in, catch his show, have a fun weekend and then head back to reality.

But how long could the magic last? We’ll let you know when it ends.

Apparently, country music and George Strait fans are still losing their minds when he plants his boots on the stage, as you can see in a new YouTube video.

At his Feb. 2 show in Vegas, his first of the year, the crowd is on their feet and their enthusiastic reception is deafening when George takes the stage. And when they hush for just a moment, he swings right into casual banter about the Super Bowl, chatting as if the thousands in attendance were just hanging out at his San Antonio ranch.

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George, who is known to be a man of few words, doesn’t really have much time to talk during his concerts. The man has released 28 studio albums and has 45 Billboard No. 1 singles and 60 overall. If he only sang his chart-toppers end-to-end, the show would last over three hours, but that set list would also omit fan favorites like “Unwound,” which peaked at No. 6, and “Amarillo By Morning,” which stopped its climb at No. 4.

What would a George Strait show be without THOSE hits? You might remember, though, that George did spend a weekend in Las Vegas in 2017 performing just his No. 1 hits in the special “Two Nights of Number 1s” last April.

So far, there are no new show dates announced for George’s next run in Las Vegas, but there also hasn’t been any kind of release saying that he won’t be back, so we’re just waiting, albeit not very patiently.


Oh, and if there was any question as to if the 65-year-old cowboy could still belt out his hits the way he always has, check this out.

Yes. Yes, he can.

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