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By 1999, Garth Brooks was already a superstar and well on his way to cementing himself as the best selling solo artist of all time, so it?s only natural he might want to branch out a little bit musically. That year, Garth released a pop-oriented album under the name Chris Gaines. It was meant to be a soundtrack to a film Garth was planning about the fictional Gaines? tumultuous life as a pop star, but the film never got made.

Fans still ask for songs from the Chris Gaines album though, including the top five pop hit, ?Lost in You.? The album?s second single, ?It Don?t Matter to the Sun,? remains a fan favorite, too, and Garth obliged in performing it at a fan?s request on his Facebook Live series, ?Inside Studio G,? on March 12.

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At about 10 minutes and 45 seconds into this week?s episode (posted above), Garth answers Brian Black?s question as to why ?It Don?t Matter to the Sun? is not available anywhere for streaming.

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Garth answers, ??It Don?t Matter to the Sun? was part of the Chris Gaines project. If you know anything about that project, it was a lot of time invested in that project about a pop artist that kind of became more valuable to his label dead than alive. That was kind of the thought about the whole series. ?It Don?t Matter to the Sun? [is] one of my favorite songs ever.?

He then goes on to perform ?It Don?t Matter to the Sun,? and you can tell he just loves singing this one.

Garth adds, ?What I love today, too, is we?ve kind of focused on … the other songs. This is not my thing to say, because it?s going to sound really egotistical. The other songs, to me, are every bit as ?woo? as the big ones. Every piece of music that goes on album is there for a reason.?

Garth has been busy working up a new batch of songs for his fans, too. He says we could hear some of those new tunes in as little as six weeks. Keep your ears open for that!


Also, we?re hoping Garth will go ahead and add the Chris Gaines album to Amazon Music for his fans. Fingers crossed!

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