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There’s no scientific measure for being a country music fan that we are aware of. As far as we know, there’s no prerequisite to have lived on a dirt road, ridden in a truck bed or fished in your grandpop’s pond in order to understand the subtleties of the lyrics of a good country song. It seems like it’s as much about an appreciation of the lifestyle as it is having actually lived it.

Blake Shelton did live it, though. And even though he didn’t write his new song “I Lived it,” the lyrics are so visual and so relatable that it is completely believable that he did grow up much like the song describes.

In “I Lived It,” the Oklahoma superstar virtually flips through a scrapbook of vignettes from growing up in the country in a different time. Lyrics like, “Mama poured grease in a Crisco can, put a hundred thousand miles on a Sears box fan …” help create a visual that makes some of us nostalgic and others long for that simple lifestyle.

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And that probably explains why Blake wanted to record the song Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley, Ben Hayslip and Ross Copperman penned for his “Texoma Shore” album.

Blake performed “I Lived It” during a recent performance of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” and maybe it’s his simple love of bringing great songs to country music-loving fans that put the delighted smile on his face. Or maybe it is because he has such a killer band, or perhaps it was the cheers of approval from the audience, but it seems like “I Lived It” would be a great follow-up to “I’ll Name the Dogs,” the first single and first No. 1 from “Texoma Shore.”

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With solid country songs like “I Lived It” still pouring out of Nashville’s songwriting community, it’s no surprise that Blake doesn’t write as much as he used to, especially when his time is tied up with his role as the most winning coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” as well as recording and touring. And while he did write “Turnin’ Me On” for “Texoma Shore,” we’d love to see more from this singer-songwriter since we know he’s capable of writing magnificence such as “Savior’s Shadow” from his “If I’m Honest” album.

Blake took a short break for the holidays, but is already gearing up for the next season of “The Voice.” But we sure hope he’s taking his vitamins, because in addition to filming the hit reality competition show, the country boy will also be hitting the road with his buddy Trace Adkins on the “Country Music Freaks Tour.” Carly Pearce, Brett Eldredge and others will be joining the two bona fide country boys for the tour, which kicks off Feb. 15, appropriately in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Show dates currently extend into July, and we anticipate more could be added.

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