An “America’s Got Talent” favorite showcases the power of music in captivating performance YouTube/America's Got Talent
Youtube/America's Got Talent

Since the beginning of this season of “America’s Got Talent,” singers, dancers, comedians, magicians and acrobats have stepped onstage to show off their talents in front of a table of judges. And no matter how talented they were, most of them have been forgotten by now.

Mandy Harvey is not one of those contestants.

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In fact Mandy, who lost her hearing about 10 years ago due to a connective tissue disorder, continues to impress the “AGT” coaches and audience, with judge Simon Cowell going so far as to compare her to Adele.

“I think other people were thinking that,” Cowell told “E! News” after the show. “I had a feeling they’re probably thinking what I thought, that it reminds me or it reminds them of the first time you heard Adele.”

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“I’ve never heard her voice, but I follow her career,” Mandy said of the British superstar. “It’s hard not to. It’s such an incredible honor to even be mentioned in that same sentence.”

Those accolades seem to be worthy of Mandy, who floored everyone watching on September 12 when she performed an original song called “Release Me.” To make the performance even more powerful, she also signed each word.

Music is powerful, that’s for sure.

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