“AGT’s” Darci Lynne performs a foot-stomping version of a country classic all by herself YouTube/My Looney Bin
YouTube/My Looney Bin

America has fallen in love with “America’s Got Talent” winner Darci Lynne Farmer. The petite powerhouse dazzled us with her remarkable skills as a ventriloquist, her quick sense of humor and a voice that was capable of executing all kinds of musical styles from opera to country.

Heck, she even yodeled! Or should we say, her puppet, Katie, yodeled while performing “Cowboy’s Sweetheart.”

But lately, we’re seeing Darci Lynne put down her beloved companions to take the spotlight all by herself. And when she performed the country bluegrass classic, “Blue Moon of Kentucky” with nothing in or on her hand except a microphone, of course we took notice.

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And once again, we are captivated, enchanted and completely blown away.

Darci begins her solo performance of this hit, recorded by both Elvis Presley and Patsy Cline, a cappella, her voice reflecting a maturity, confidence, ache and timbre of someone decades older. She even dazzles us a bit with that amazing yodel that made us early fans.

“Blue Moon of Kentucky” was originally written by the late bluegrass legend, Bill Monroe, who also originally recorded the song in 1947 with his band, the Bluegrass Boys, that included Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. Elvis then recorded the song with more rockabilly production and released it, along with “That’s All Right” in 1954 as his first singles.

And even though she didn’t slow it down, Patsy Cline’s incredibly throaty vocals gave the bluegrass waltz a dreamier spin when she recorded it in 1963.

Keep in mind that Bill wrote “Blue Moon of Kentucky” in 1946 and Darci Lynne is performing it over 70 years later. That sounds like a pretty timeless tune and maybe a pretty good track to include if Darci decides to travel down a country road professionally.


When the band kicks in and the tempo picks up, Darci Lynne shines like a diamond! Sassy, yet sweet, the bubbly blonde crisscrosses the stage, never missing a note. All we can say is when does her record come out?

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So far, no announcement has been made regarding Darci Lynne’s recording career, including if she will be singing opera, rock, pop or country. However, a successful run in Las Vegas that included two sold-out shows and performances with fellow “America’s Got Talent” performers Angelica Hale, comedian Preacher Lawson and dance team Light Balance, is leading to a full-blown tour in 2018.


In fact, “Darci Lynne and Friends” kicks off in January and continues into February with shows in theaters on the east coast and into the Midwest.

But there’s still time for her to figure all of that out and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this sweetheart, no matter what she chooses.

Based in Nashville, Tammy is a 20-year veteran of the country music community. She has worked in marketing, PR and artist development. Follow her @TammyGooGoo and join the conversation @RareCountry
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