A teenage songbird’s “The Voice” performance of an Elvis classic will give you chills YouTube/The Voice
YouTube / The Voice

Jaclyn Lovey may only be 16 years old, but you wouldn?t know it just by listening to her voice. The young singer from California sounds mature way beyond her years.

So when she took to the stage on NBC?s ?The Voice? on Feb. 27, as part of night two of the show’s season 14 blind auditions, the coaches were stunned by her epic delivery of Elvis Presley?s 1961 hit, “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” originally featured in his film “Blue Hawaii.”

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During her performance, Jaclyn, who told viewers that she was inspired by artists like Billie Holiday, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, effortlessly turned the slow ballad into a beautiful lullaby with her airy and angelic vocals. An impressed coach Kelly Clarkson kept calling the performance ?pretty,? but she didn?t commit by pressing her red button. Instead, Blake Shelton was first to turn his chair around. Then season 12’s winning coach, Alicia Keys, whipped hers around soon after Blake.

?I?m going to tell you right now, no one on this show sounds like you,? Kelly said after Jaclyn?s performance, despite not turning around for the teen. ?No one has that vibe.?

?No one in the world sounds like her,? Blake added. ?Your voice makes you feel every word, and this is me talking ? a calloused country guy here.?

Blake then uttered a few surprising words that made his fellow co-stars giggle.

?Literally, for the first time in my life, I pictured myself, while you were singing, me riding a unicorn … and I was holding a Care Bear,” he said. “It was like, ?What is happening to me? Where am I?? You did that to me. Even though there are vocalists in this competition that literally blow the roof off this place, I think what you do is more powerful than that. I?ve got to have you on my team.?


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Alicia, who ended up scoring Jaclyn for her team, shared Blake?s sentiments, telling the young singer, ?I think sometimes in this world we feel like we?ve got to overperform everything, and its really special that you just showed everybody that you can be simple and pure. I love listening to you sing.” She later added, I?m also a huge lover of the classic songs. I really get it, and I see exactly what we could do together.?

Watch Jaclyn nail “Can’t Help Falling in Love? in the video below.

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