Blake Shelton is known for sticking with his country contestants on NBC’s “The Voice.” But this time, he chose to let one go and, instead, kept one of the more versatile artists for his team.

Anna Catherine DeHart, who performed a stunning cover of Faith Hill’s “Breathe,” lost her knockout round to Mitchell Lee, who brought back Edwin McCain’s 1998 single “I’ll Be” on Nov. 6.

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Both performances were very different, and both were done well. In fact, Anna Catherine, who stood onstage in a denim jacket and sparkly white dress, really brought the country twang with her performance as she showcased her soft vocals on the low notes, and soared on the high notes.

Meanwhile, Mitchell, who’s covered many ’90s rock hits this season, moved the panel of judges with his Brett Eldredge-like vocals and impressive falsetto.

After the round, coach Jennifer Hudson was first to deliver comments. She praised Anna Catherine for her “ease,” and gave Mitchell props for making her feel like she was at his concert. However, she said both of the singer’s vocals were “tit for tat.”

Miley Cyrus echoed Jennifer’s sentiments regarding Mitchell’s charm, but gave the edge to Anna Catherine saying, “I feel like you have something in you that [Faith Hill] always brought in country music.”

As for Adam Levine, he thought both Mitchell and Anna Catherine had a few vocal issues during their performances, but said if he had to keep one singer he’d choose Mitchell.

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The decision to keep one singer was up to Blake, of course. He said, “Mitchell, the way you work the stage and the crowd is like you’ve been doing this for 40 years. I mean, literally, you made me feel melty. Anna Catherine, you have a female country voice we don’t have, right now in country music … and you represent that well. This makes this decision impossible to make almost between the two of you.”

“I guess I need to base this on who I think can handle this thing better,” he added. “The winner of this knockout round is Mitchell.”

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