Chloe Kohanski may be a rocker chick, but that didn’t stop her from slowing things down for her latest performance on “The Voice.”

The 23-year-old Tennessee native, who’s been compared to Miley Cyrus, belted out a breathtaking cover of “Landslide” during the challenging knockout rounds on Oct. 30.

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Donning a black and white outfit and bright orange eyeshadow, Chloe couldn’t have looked more in her element as she showcased her deep vocals on the haunting Fleetwood Mac ballad, which has also been sung by artists including the Dixie Chicks and Smashing Pumpkins.

Prior to Chloe’s performance, Ashland Craft, who is just as talented, floored judges with her sass and southern twang on Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

Coach Jennifer Hudson, who was first to comment after the knockout round said, “Ashland, to me you’re a star. I just love and adore everything about you. I feel like you get a lot of your nerves to get in the way. Grow with that, because you are a star regardless. And, Chloe, I felt that you really knew what this moment was and what it meant, and you made it your moment.”

Adam Levine also commented, and told Ashland that she had “a powerful vocal.” He then told Chloe that she, “kind of broke out in this moment, and showed all of us something that I didn’t know was there.”

Blake Shelton followed up Adam’s words by telling Ashland that she sounded “pitch perfect.” He then commended Chloe for connecting with the audience.

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Miley, who was last to share her opinions because she had to make a choice between the two standout performers, ended up keeping Ashland for her team. However, Chloe’s performance earn her a double steal from both Jennifer and Blake.

“I wanted you on my team every single time since you walked on that stage,” Blake exclaimed after Chloe chose to continue her journey on his team.

Nashville-based writer and Rare Country contributor Melinda Lorge has always been passionate about country music. Follow her @MelindaLorge and join the conversation @RareCountry.
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