A NASCAR legend and an NFL icon take on the Eagles in new Opry performance  YouTube/The Isaacs
YouTube/The Isaacs

He’s a three-time NASCAR cup series champ. That pretty much says all you need to know about how fast Darrell Waltrip is. But if you need further proof, or just want one heckuva chuckle, you have to check out his recent appearance at the Grand Ole Opry with the NFL’s Terry Bradshaw.

Because besides being able to drive fast, it turns out ol’ DW can get off of a stage fast, too.

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Terry, who had a brush with country music fame when he released a record in the 1970s, joined gospel greats the Isaacs onstage at the Opry, and invited his pal Darrell to step onstage with him. What Darrell may not have realized was that Terry wanted the NASCAR champ to sing with him.

Darrell is obviously reluctant to come onstage and, as he’s pushed closer to Terry, he throws up a hand resisting. But the next thing you know, a mic is in his hands. And despite the fact that he claims to not know the words to the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” the music starts and he is in it.

For a minute, anyway.

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As soon as there’s an instrumental break, Darrell puts down the mic and leaves the stage so fast he’s a blur!

We’re pretty sure he broke a land speed record.

Now, we’d never tell anyone not to pursue their dream with all that they’re worth, but we’re sure glad that Darrell’s dream was racing, because if he had dreamed of a career in country music … he may still be chipping away at it.

Terry, on the other hand … well, just take a listen and decide for yourself.


Not bad, right?

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