Monday?s season premiere of ?The Voice? featured Kelly Clarkson?s debut as a coach, and hours after it aired, the singer appeared on ?The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.?

After chatting about “American Idol” and Kelly’s new role as a coach on the singing competition, the pair decided to goof around and do some karaoke. But there was one catch: the lyrics to all of the songs they sang had been run through Google Translate, which meant they?d been butchered even before Kelly and Jimmy started singing them.

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Jimmy tackled a jumbled version of Potugal. The Man’s “Feel It Still” which translated to “Live in the Boat.” So instead of “Ooh woo! I’m a rebel just for kicks, now / I’ve been feeling it since 1966, now,” the cheeky jokester sang, “Your wood, I have not picked it up yet / I was angry because he was about 60.”


Then it was Kelly’s turn.

The “American Idol” winner performed a version of her hit single “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” which translated to “Too Strong (If You Don’t Kill It).” So “What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter, footsteps even lighter,” turned into “If you don’t kill it offer a bribe / My legs are increasing.”

To end the segment, Jimmy and Kelly took turns singing translated lines from the Sonny and Cher classic “I Got You Babe,” which was just as hilarious as it sounds.

The song became “I Have Your Child.”

“That’s so creepy!” Kelly said when the duo was done singing.

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It’s not the first time Jimmy has goofed off with a “Voice” coach!

Last year, he joined forces with Adam Levine and pranked a bunch of commuters on the New York City subway.


The pair disguised themselves as street musicians and treated the commuters of NYC to an awesome jam session. They performed a rousing rendition of Elvis Presley’s ?Love Me Tender? and an incredibly accurate version of the Maroon 5 hit ?Sugar.?

Of course, the commuters weren?t in on the joke, and their reactions when Jimmy and Adam revealed their true identities were absolutely priceless!


The “Tonight Show” host also went undercover with his good friend Miley Cyrus to surprise a bunch of rowdy tourists in the New York subway.

After devising new identities ? with Miley becoming Charlene and Jimmy playing Bart ? the pair donned their disguises and headed to the Rockefeller Center station.

?No one knows that this is going to happen,? Jimmy told viewers before he began busking with Miley. ?No one knows that it?s Miley Cyrus. Let?s do this.?

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