You’ll want to hit the dance floor after seeing this Texas country star's new video Jon Pardi/Vevo screenshot
Jon Pardi/Vevo screenshot

It’s just a simple fact that men in Texas dance. And they dance well. Now, that’s not to say that men in other parts of the United States don’t dance, it’s just that many women can recall that through their teens and even older, getting a man onto a dance floor was a challenge unless it a slow dance. In Texas, a man can’t wait to drag a dance partner onto the floor to show off his two-stepping skills, which is part of the reason Jon Pardi chose the Lone Star State as the site for his “Head Over Boots” video.

In a sweet new interview on his Vevo channel, Jon explains some of the subtleties of that fun day of shooting, including how the idea of the time-traveling video came out. “The concept for ‘Head Over Boots,’ the video, is based off the line ‘test time and grow old together.’ That’s why we have the older couple that we go back in time to follow them how they met. And they love to dance, they love this dance hall, they love dancing and going out.”

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Shot at Twin Sisters in Waco, the California native explains, “The reason I chose Texas is I think it’s one of the only states that takes a lot of pride in their bars and dance halls.” That’s the truth. Texas is believed to boast the highest concentrated number of dance halls in the U.S.

That’s another reason Jon shot the video in Texas. He loves to dance. In the “Head Over Boots” video, he demonstrates more of a Dwight Yoakam wiggle and boot scoot, but his two-step? It’s legit, y’all!

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His cowboy hat? It’s legit, too. When Jon isn’t onstage, he’s likely on horseback since he competes in team roping events, often back in Texas.

Jon’s new single, “Dust On My Boots,” is another homage to his rural lifestyle and blue collar work ethic, and it’s unapologetically country.

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