You’ll love how Kellie Pickler is paying tribute to her precious grandma this Christmas Rare Country
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Kellie Pickler often dreams of Christmases spent with her late grandma Faye back in North Carolina.

“She was the woman that I called mom,” Pickler tells Rare Country. “She was a very special woman. I very much miss her. She passed when I was 15.”

As a way to hold on to those precious memories of her grandmother, Pickler has released a brand-new holiday tribute in her honor.

Says Pickler, “It was really neat to capture her spirit and what she really meant to me, and still means to me, in the song, ‘My Christmas Caroline.'”

Pickler also brings her North Carolina roots to life in the holiday collection of her Selma Drye home goods line. Selma Drye was the mother of Pickler’s grandmother Faye, so the products are in keeping with her family’s down-home style. Pickler especially loves the holiday-scented candles, which were made to use.

Pickler admits, “One of my pet peeves is going into someone’s house and having brand-new candles that have never been burned. Just decorative candles. You’re supposed to burn them. You gotta light the candles and enjoy them while you have them.”

You can check out Kellie Pickler’s complete Selma Drye holiday collection at

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