You’ll be shocked to learn why Carrie Underwood designed her own swimwear for the summer Carrie Underwood/Pinterest/Rare Country
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Carrie Underwood is always on the list when you’re talking about the most in-shape women in music these days, but even she feels self-conscious wearing revealing bathing suits. Especially now that she’s a mom, Carrie has been looking for swimwear that looks great but won’t, as she puts it, “not scare everybody else out there.”

That’s why she designed her own line of bathing suits through her Calia by Carrie Underwood fashion line.

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Carrie tells Rare Country, “It’s sexy, and it’s kind of athletic, and it’s pretty, and it’s feminine. There’s nothing that goes where it’s not supposed to go. You know what I mean. Every girl out there knows what I mean. There’s like, 1 percent of the population that can really pull that off. And if you can, that is awesome, but I can’t!”

That’s kind of surprising to hear from the woman who has graced the cover of dozens of women’s health and beauty magazines over the years. However, you’ve got to remember that Carrie Underwood’s daily life isn’t a fashion shoot. She’s busy taking Isaiah to the pool and hanging out with the other moms in her neighborhood.

She explains, “I honestly just wanted something I could wear to the pool and feel, like, cute and comfortable and not self-conscious.”

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Carrie’s mom, Carole, gave the new Calia swimwear designs a big thumbs-up, too!

Says Carrie, “My mom was like, ‘That’s so cute, and it’s modest!'”

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